22 November 2009

Lazy Sunday

Ah, Sunday... a perfect excuse to be just as lazy as you feel like being. The day started off with some sleeping in on my part, until the extremely late hour of 9:00. Amazing I know, but in an effort to not mess with my sleep schedule I'm usually up by 8:00 on the weekends, sadly. Highlights of day included:
  • A trip to downtown Minneapolis to help EMSA with some clothes shopping. I think it was a success. We also went to Target and I procured Rock Band: The Beatles. I think we're going to play it in a bit here and I am very excited!
  • A yummy lunch back at EMSA's house - he made some super yummy turkey burgers that I may ask him how to make so they can appear on the family cooking blog.
  • A brief trip to visit my parental units and pick up some laundry. My mom was very excited about her trip to Walgreens with her mom. Ask her about it some time - apparently there are good deals to be had. Plus, I hear I have a cousin who used to work there? Or something?
  • Finally, back to my house for some dinner. Photos below.
My attempt at "Uncle Gene's Pizza." Apparently crescent rolls are supposed to be used for the crust instead of pizza dough. We opted for the garlic butter crescent rolls and it was DELICIOUS. Yum. I highly recommend it. Toppings included pepperoni, green pepper, mushrooms, and onions. Also some more garlic because, according to EMSA, there is no such thing as too much garlic. I may disagree slightly.

Some grapes provided by the BR. They were yummy and it was nice to have something sweet with the meal.

Tomorrow is another work day but, on the other hand, it will be a short week. I'm very much looking forward to it, and to Thanksgiving on Thursday. More tomorrow, I promise. I hope everyone had a lovely Sunday/week-end.

P.S. - I had the Gnocchi at Vincent and it was fantastic. Everyone very much enjoyed their meals and I even got to speak French with one of the waiters. He thought I was an actual French person there for a minute. Good times.


gfr said...

That's mighty tasty looking pizza.

Santini said...

Crescent roll dough was indeed part of the original Uncle Gene's pizza recipe. The original also was made in a non-pizza type pan, and included a pound of Jimmy Dean sausage, if memory serves. Other people would know the details better than I do, of course. I believe that Uncle Gene is still available for consultation, though his name may have changed.