10 February 2016

Baby Bump Wednesday - Week 36

It seems more than a little surreal that I'll probably only have 2-4 more of these posts before our little girl gets to meet the rest of the world. When did time start moving so fast all of a sudden? On a related note, I had a doctor's appointment today, marking the beginning of my weekly visits. Everything checked out OK and as expected. She's even in the right position, head-down like she's supposed to be. This is all good news.

Andy and I are busy doing the final prep for her arrival - we've been practicing our labor coping strategies and we got the car seat installed in our car. Tonight we even packed our hospital bags. That was a very official feeling step! She has her own bag (the diaper bag, actually) with an adorable little outfit to wear when we take her home. Here's hoping it fits! We just have a few more things to buy for the house/nursery and we'll be as ready as we can be.

On that note, on to the photos! First, the bump!

And a status update on the current state of the nursery:

That picture frame needs to be hung above the dresser - we're going to add photos to it as she reaches milestones in her life. I'll add a photo from our maternity photo shoot for now. I just have to pick one - too hard!


It's pretty much ready for her, I think, at least once we get rid of all that cardboard. It's so exciting!

In other news that is perhaps slightly less exciting, this happened yesterday while I was watching TV:
Both cats, sitting on/adjacent to my legs. A minor miracle. Granted, that navy blue blanket is heated. Still. 

04 February 2016

Baby Bump Thursday - Week 35

Once more, apologies for the delay in this week's post. Grandma B and I had a great time last night watching one of the Best Picture nominees - The Martian. For the first time ever in her visits here, she was the one who got a cat sitting on her lap, and for most of the movie. It may have had something to do with the heated blanket:

We had home made popcorn and really enjoyed the movie. Matt Damon was excellent as he can almost always be counted on to be. Two thumbs up.

In other news from last week, I had my baby shower for BGR on Sunday. All of my pictures can be found here. I had a wonderful time and it was so great to be surrounded by so many people who love BGR already. I was a bit overwhelmed.

And now, the main event - the bump photos!

She's definitely taking up more and more space in there. As Andy likes to say, pretty soon she'll decide that mom is boring and come out to meet the rest of the world. We can't wait.

In addition to all the lovely gifts we got at our baby shower, we also did some shopping of our own this week and got this adorable toy chest to use as under-desk storage. Calvin is a fan:

Finally, look what I found at work today in the employee store:

She's going to be very well dressed. 

03 February 2016

Movie Night

My mom came over for a movie night this evening, so Baby Bump Wednesday will have to get pushed to tomorrow.  We had a great time though, and mom even got a cat to sit on her lap. Photos of that and more coming tomorrow.

27 January 2016

Baby Bump Wednesday - Week 34

34 weeks! It's crazy to think that there are just 6 short weeks to go until we get to meet our little girl. It seems like we still have so much to do! Fortunately, in aid of that, I have my baby shower coming up this weekend. I am really looking forward to celebrating with my family and friends, plus it should provide some of the essentials we are still missing.

I had my regularly scheduled check-up today (every two weeks, remember?) and everything checks out A-OK and as expected. I am measuring right where I should be, my blood pressure is good, and Baby Girl Rinderknecht's heartbeat was strong and clear. Yay!

Now, for today's photos:

Another loaner shirt, this time from my friend Maren who had her own baby girl, Maja, in July. I am so looking forward to all of our daughters growing up together. Jill has two now, plus Maja, and Adam and Ying's Sabinna and... I am sure I'm forgetting someone.

In other baby news, we received one of our shower gifts early and went ahead and opened it. BGR's crib now has a mattress. That's a key component, I'm betting:

Now we just need some bedding...
The cats are still mostly oblivious to the upcoming world changing event, which is good. We have even managed to keep them from jumping in the crib. Those empty cans are seriously effective.

Finally, the most exciting part of the last week - Mom and I attended the 2016 U.S. Figure Skating Championships, held at Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul. It was a long weekend (we were at skating from 9am to 10pm on Saturday, for example) but we had SO MUCH FUN. Now, a few photo highlights.

The top 5 women warming up before their long programs. Go Gracie! She was phenomenal. 
The top 5 men warming up on Sunday. Nathan Chen is the future and he was robbed. 3rd place for 4 quads? I don't think so.
Another personal highlight was when one of the pairs teams skated to a medley of Journey songs. I had to take a video:

Not the best quality, perhaps, but it was GREAT!

The cats spent most of the weekend missing me, possibly leading to this very unusual turn of events:
I'm pretty sure that's Calvin's spot. 

20 January 2016

Baby Bump Wednesday - Week 33

I almost forgot about Baby Bump Wednesday, dear readers! That would have just been sad. So now, without further ado, this week's photos.

That's my super comfy, around the house only sweater. An excellent Costco purchase, if I do say so myself.

Next week I promise there will be more content. Mom and I have a very exciting weekend planned, after all. Expect some photos and lots of excited commentary. :-)

And now, cats.

He's a weirdo.