28 August 2010

The Great MN Get Together

You know it's the end of summer when the State Fair finally rolls around. Today is officially day 3 of 12 and then Labor Day and the start of the school year are upon us. I think that officially means that I only have a week or so of summer left! Maren and I marked the occasion by going to the Fair yesterday. She's not a native and this was only the 2nd time in her life that she'd been able to attend. I have a bunch of photos up on Flickr, but here are some highlights:

Maren and some lifestock in the Swine/Sheep barn.

Crop Art, always one of my personal favorites.

The state's second largest pumpkin in its' category. 

In the past month or more since my last post, I have, as promised, gone to the Basilica Block Party. Here's the lead singer of Weezer climbing up part of the stage:

I also watched the very, very important World Cup final game at a local bar. Even the beer glasses were appropriately themed:

The team I was rooting for didn't win, but it was super fun none the less. The crowd was split down the middle in their loyalties so anytime something - anything - happened, there'd be a chorus of both cheers and boos. Definitely the right environment to watch the game. :-)

Other than that, I have been enjoying summer to the fullest. Lots of biking and walks around the lake and eating on restaurant patios when at all possible. It'll still be quite nice for a while but I'm starting to feel that the end is near.