25 February 2016

Baby Bump Thursday - Week 38

Once again, apologies for the one day delay in posting this week. I bet a few of you wondered if I'd had the baby, right? But no, my excuse is once again that Grandma B and I were having a movie night yesterday. We watched Spotlight last night in preparation for the Oscars on Sunday. It was good but not super impressive, despite all the Best Picture buzz. Mad Max is still my absolute favorite movie from last year.

Now, on to the photos for week 38!

The doctor estimated 7.5 pounds at this week's appointment. She's doing well and on track to be born more or less on time, as far as we can tell. 11 days to go!

I was going to post earlier in the day, but I got distracted by Lucy sitting on my lap and using my hand as a pillow. Getting up from the couch therefore became less of a priority:

She was just too cute to disturb.

17 February 2016

Baby Bump Wednesday - Week 37

First, I think I have to acknowledge a not-insignificant milestone. Today's post marks number 300 for this blog. 300! That deserves a little bit of fanfare, I think.

Ok, and now on to why we are all here - baby bump photos! We have officially passed under 20 days to go until BGR's estimated arrival date. March 7th is only 19 days away! I think I had the same conversation about that seemingly tiny number of days with at least 4 people today, including my doctor. The weekly doctor's visit went well - still all good and normal looking. She estimates that BGR currently weighs about 7 pounds, meaning she should end up being something like 8.5. Seems totally reasonable and excellent to me.

Now, today's photos. Thanks as always to my loyal photographer, Andy:

I love that green sweater - so warm and cozy. In other baby related news, Andy and I did some shopping this past week for essentials that we did not receive at our baby shower. Chief among those was this:

The car seat was a gift from Grandma LR, but the stroller frame is new. It's super handy - the car seat just clicks right in! Calvin also finds it fascinating, apparently. We've also been practicing our labor coping techniques - breathing, positions, massage etc. We had to distract the cats with catnip toys to get them to leave us alone:

The carrot is full of catnip. They love it.
That's all for this week. Here's to only a few more of these posts before BGR gets to meet the world!

10 February 2016

Baby Bump Wednesday - Week 36

It seems more than a little surreal that I'll probably only have 2-4 more of these posts before our little girl gets to meet the rest of the world. When did time start moving so fast all of a sudden? On a related note, I had a doctor's appointment today, marking the beginning of my weekly visits. Everything checked out OK and as expected. She's even in the right position, head-down like she's supposed to be. This is all good news.

Andy and I are busy doing the final prep for her arrival - we've been practicing our labor coping strategies and we got the car seat installed in our car. Tonight we even packed our hospital bags. That was a very official feeling step! She has her own bag (the diaper bag, actually) with an adorable little outfit to wear when we take her home. Here's hoping it fits! We just have a few more things to buy for the house/nursery and we'll be as ready as we can be.

On that note, on to the photos! First, the bump!

And a status update on the current state of the nursery:

That picture frame needs to be hung above the dresser - we're going to add photos to it as she reaches milestones in her life. I'll add a photo from our maternity photo shoot for now. I just have to pick one - too hard!


It's pretty much ready for her, I think, at least once we get rid of all that cardboard. It's so exciting!

In other news that is perhaps slightly less exciting, this happened yesterday while I was watching TV:
Both cats, sitting on/adjacent to my legs. A minor miracle. Granted, that navy blue blanket is heated. Still. 

04 February 2016

Baby Bump Thursday - Week 35

Once more, apologies for the delay in this week's post. Grandma B and I had a great time last night watching one of the Best Picture nominees - The Martian. For the first time ever in her visits here, she was the one who got a cat sitting on her lap, and for most of the movie. It may have had something to do with the heated blanket:

We had home made popcorn and really enjoyed the movie. Matt Damon was excellent as he can almost always be counted on to be. Two thumbs up.

In other news from last week, I had my baby shower for BGR on Sunday. All of my pictures can be found here. I had a wonderful time and it was so great to be surrounded by so many people who love BGR already. I was a bit overwhelmed.

And now, the main event - the bump photos!

She's definitely taking up more and more space in there. As Andy likes to say, pretty soon she'll decide that mom is boring and come out to meet the rest of the world. We can't wait.

In addition to all the lovely gifts we got at our baby shower, we also did some shopping of our own this week and got this adorable toy chest to use as under-desk storage. Calvin is a fan:

Finally, look what I found at work today in the employee store:

She's going to be very well dressed. 

03 February 2016

Movie Night

My mom came over for a movie night this evening, so Baby Bump Wednesday will have to get pushed to tomorrow.  We had a great time though, and mom even got a cat to sit on her lap. Photos of that and more coming tomorrow.