27 January 2016

Baby Bump Wednesday - Week 34

34 weeks! It's crazy to think that there are just 6 short weeks to go until we get to meet our little girl. It seems like we still have so much to do! Fortunately, in aid of that, I have my baby shower coming up this weekend. I am really looking forward to celebrating with my family and friends, plus it should provide some of the essentials we are still missing.

I had my regularly scheduled check-up today (every two weeks, remember?) and everything checks out A-OK and as expected. I am measuring right where I should be, my blood pressure is good, and Baby Girl Rinderknecht's heartbeat was strong and clear. Yay!

Now, for today's photos:

Another loaner shirt, this time from my friend Maren who had her own baby girl, Maja, in July. I am so looking forward to all of our daughters growing up together. Jill has two now, plus Maja, and Adam and Ying's Sabinna and... I am sure I'm forgetting someone.

In other baby news, we received one of our shower gifts early and went ahead and opened it. BGR's crib now has a mattress. That's a key component, I'm betting:

Now we just need some bedding...
The cats are still mostly oblivious to the upcoming world changing event, which is good. We have even managed to keep them from jumping in the crib. Those empty cans are seriously effective.

Finally, the most exciting part of the last week - Mom and I attended the 2016 U.S. Figure Skating Championships, held at Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul. It was a long weekend (we were at skating from 9am to 10pm on Saturday, for example) but we had SO MUCH FUN. Now, a few photo highlights.

The top 5 women warming up before their long programs. Go Gracie! She was phenomenal. 
The top 5 men warming up on Sunday. Nathan Chen is the future and he was robbed. 3rd place for 4 quads? I don't think so.
Another personal highlight was when one of the pairs teams skated to a medley of Journey songs. I had to take a video:

Not the best quality, perhaps, but it was GREAT!

The cats spent most of the weekend missing me, possibly leading to this very unusual turn of events:
I'm pretty sure that's Calvin's spot. 

20 January 2016

Baby Bump Wednesday - Week 33

I almost forgot about Baby Bump Wednesday, dear readers! That would have just been sad. So now, without further ado, this week's photos.

That's my super comfy, around the house only sweater. An excellent Costco purchase, if I do say so myself.

Next week I promise there will be more content. Mom and I have a very exciting weekend planned, after all. Expect some photos and lots of excited commentary. :-)

And now, cats.

He's a weirdo.

13 January 2016

Baby Bump Wednesday - Week 32

I had one of my regularly scheduled doctor's appointments today - at this point, I'm having them every two weeks. In the last month, I'll have them weekly. Fun? In any case, the check-up went very well - I look completely healthy/normal as does Baby Girl R. All good news. Then I came home for the weekly photos:

Thanks to my dear friend Jill for the purple shirt - she just gave birth to their 2nd daughter in October and passed all her maternity clothes on to me, now that she's done with them.

Over the weekend, we also got some more prep work done on the nursery. I put up the decals I ordered a few weeks ago and I think they look super nice! The ribbon holding the curtains back is also new.

Also of note - the family heirloom rocking chair now has new cushions:

Finally, someone else had a medical check-up today. It was Calvin's turn to head for his yearly visit to the vet, this time with two shots - distemper and rabies. You may recall that Calvin HATES the car. His carrier is OK with him, however:

See? He climbed in there 100% voluntarily. However, once at the vet, he pretty much just hid under this chair:

Poor guy. At least he also got a clean bill of health.

06 January 2016

Baby Bump Wednesday - Week 31

Not much new to report in baby prep this week. The only thing of note - Andy and I took our Childbirth Prep Express class this past weekend. It was an 8 hour marathon of all we could possibly want to know about childbirth And some things we maybe didn't really WANT to know, but which we needed to hear. It also included a tour of the place we'll be giving birth - The Mother Baby Center at Abbott Northwestern, which is also the hospital where I was born. It was an extremely useful class and I loved how nice the Mother Baby Center is/was. It made everything seem so much more real, and also gave us new stuff to plan/think about before she arrives.

And now, this week's photos:

You'll notice (well, maybe not) that we have a new thermostat. It's wifi connected, which means we can adjust the temp of our house from an app on our smartphones, which is super handy. We can turn the heat up on our way home so it's nice and toasty when we get there. Very handy in a Minnesota winter. Plus, the cats seem to like it.

Speaking of, this happened again last week. Kind of a miracle: