06 January 2016

Baby Bump Wednesday - Week 31

Not much new to report in baby prep this week. The only thing of note - Andy and I took our Childbirth Prep Express class this past weekend. It was an 8 hour marathon of all we could possibly want to know about childbirth And some things we maybe didn't really WANT to know, but which we needed to hear. It also included a tour of the place we'll be giving birth - The Mother Baby Center at Abbott Northwestern, which is also the hospital where I was born. It was an extremely useful class and I loved how nice the Mother Baby Center is/was. It made everything seem so much more real, and also gave us new stuff to plan/think about before she arrives.

And now, this week's photos:

You'll notice (well, maybe not) that we have a new thermostat. It's wifi connected, which means we can adjust the temp of our house from an app on our smartphones, which is super handy. We can turn the heat up on our way home so it's nice and toasty when we get there. Very handy in a Minnesota winter. Plus, the cats seem to like it.

Speaking of, this happened again last week. Kind of a miracle:


Mom said...

I love this post. Isn't the Mother Baby Center wonderful?! Lois and I loved the tour we had as part of our becoming grandmothers class and felt more comfortable about the whole Emily-and-Andy-are-having-a-baby process. Life is good. You are beautiful.

Santini said...

Changes are becoming more obvious :-)