18 November 2012


Today was decidedly one of the nicest November days in the history of days, as Gzmoohoo would say. Andy and I had plans for this afternoon, so we decided to take advantage of the unseasonably warm weather this morning and take a short bike ride. Here's me, all dressed up and ready to go:

It was a bit too chilly that early and we were under-caffeinated, so we biked over to a coffee shop along the river. 

I do love a latte now and then. But, as Andy noted, "Do people really pay this much for coffee EVERY day?" Also, it turns out we were not the only people in Minneapolis today who had this idea:

It was a beautiful morning to be outside and we enjoyed every minute of it. Though we didn't get in a huge amount of miles, it was nice to get in a bit of exercise before our afternoon plans. Andy's parents will be out of town on Thursday, so they had us and Andy's brother (Brad) and his girlfriend (Lily) over for a late lunch. Brad & Lily brought their dogs:

 Mimi, aka Moo-Bear

Rubio, aka Rubs

They are tiny and energetic and Calvin outweighs the two of them combined. But they are definitely an excellent source of entertainment. We had some delicious lasagna and good conversation. Plus, you know, the dogs are somewhat cute. But no one is as cute as Calvin.

Awww, my boys.

P.S. Happy Birthday to my cousin TJ. 14 is just way too old, but I hope it was a great one! Here for nostalgia is a link to one of my favorite videos of all time. TJ Running Down the Dune. That will never not be funny.


Santini said...

That video makes me laugh absolutely every time I see it.

Sometimes it's not just about the caffeine. A tall skinny latte just tastes good.

Jimi said...

You are correct. It was one of the nicest November days ever.

Those lattes look like hot chocolate.

Mom said...

Fun to see both the bikers without long pants in mid-November in the morning! Way to go. Would your jacket be considered salmon or tangerine? A lovely shade of orange.

PS My third try to prove I am not a robot.

Santini said...

Are those your "town bikes?"

Emily Miller said...

Mom - I think the jacket is a sort of tangerine/sherbet color. It has some fuchsia piping along the zipper and hem as well, which may not be evident in the photos.

Santini - Yes indeed, those are our town/errand-running bikes. I need to get something to put on that rack on the back to hold groceries/farmer's market items.

Gino said...

One to many "N"s.

Emily Miller said...

Gino - That was intentional. One of the nicest November days etc...

Brad said...

The puppies thank you for the shout out. I'm glad we were finally able to get them groomed. Mimi looks like a wookie in the that photo.