08 November 2012

Wolves Win!

We thoroughly enjoyed our trip to the Timberwolves' game last night. Andy's parents have good seats and it was fun to watch a team that has great potential, even with two of our stars currently injured. Here they are in action:

They were up by around 30 points when we left (we had a train to catch) and they ended up winning the game by 15. They are definitely off to a great start! We may be a little excited. 

At every Wolves game they do little gimmick called "What would you do for a Klondike Bar?" (sponsored by, you guessed it, Klondike). This involves finding some unsuspecting fan and making them do something pretty stupid so that they and their entire row will win a free Klondike bar. In the past it has involved dancing in place for three quarters, running around the arena/up and down stairs while acting like a cheerleader and the like. Since we are all seriously glad that the political TV ads are finally over, I found yesterday's stunt particularly cruel. They gave the guy some noise cancelling headphones, sat him in front of a TV, and had him watch political ads on a loop, until about mid-way through the 4th quarter... which equated to about an hour or so. But in the end, he did indeed win a Klondike bar, as did everyone sitting near him. Still, I would have much rather watched the basketball game. I guess I would not do anything for a Klondike bar.

Calvin missed us A LOT, since we were only home for about a half hour before we left again for the game. We vegged out for a bit upon our return and he was very, very happy to sit on my lap:

So curious.


Retired Professor said...

Not a full house, but decent turnout. I like to watch a good basketball game once in a while.

Gino said...

Steam Engine guy?

Mom said...

Lots of empty seats. Great basketball action photo and an especially cute photo of CTC.

Emily Miller said...

Gino - Steimsma was EXCELLENT. Out of nowhere, seemingly.

It was definitely a fun game.

Jimi said...

Nice going, Wolves. They could still use a little Love.

Watching political ads for a Klondike bar seems like common idiocy.