30 December 2015

Baby Bump Wednesday - Week 30

30 weeks seems crazy. 75% done - only 10 weeks to go! That is... not really all that much time until we get to meet our little girl. She's been kicking and moving like crazy lately, although not yet to the point that it keeps me up at night. I understand that's coming. Andy is pretty excited for her to "come out and meet Dad." :-)

Here now are this week's photos:

In other news of the week, we had a lovely time celebrating Christmas with our families. Christmas Eve was spent with the Rinderknechts, then Christmas Day my parents came over for a late brunch before we all headed over to my cousin Sarah's house to celebrate with the extended Elvecrog family. Some photos:

The Rinderknecht tree.

Our tree. 

Lucy was fascinated. 
Our brunch guests. I was enjoying a "Momosa" - ginger ale and orange juice. Not bad, really. 
Tomorrow is New Year's Eve and I have to work. But we'll be heading over to Chez GZMoohoo for the festivities as per our former tradition. Who knows, someone may even blog about it.

23 December 2015

Baby Bump Wednesday - Week 29

This whole baby bump series has been pretty fun - it's giving us an excuse to actually take pictures of my growing bump, which I think I'll really appreciate in the future. Plus, it gives each week a sort of milestone moment. So, without further ado...

In other baby-related news, we've made a few more additions to the nursery. As reported by GZMoohoo, we have taken possession of the heirloom rocking chair and it has found its place:

We are going to be ordering new cushions in a dark lavender sort of color.
 Another new addition is this decorative item, ordered from a store on Etsy:

Not the best color, but it's lavender with pink heart and text. I'm really happy with how it turned out.
So things are coming along in the nursery pretty well, I think. And Lucy loves the new chair.

16 December 2015

Baby Bump Wednesday - Week 28

Welcome to the 3rd trimester! It seems crazy that we're at this point already. I just got back from a wonderful dinner with my friends Jill and Maren who both recently gave birth to their own baby girls. It was great to catch up and to get some advice from them on what is coming my way. Baby Girl Rinderknecht will be here before we know it, I'm sure. Less than 3 months to go!

Here are this week's bump photos:

The sweater is another excellent purchase mom and I made on our shopping spree. We had so much fun.

This weekend promises to be super fun and exciting. On Friday, we're headed to a 7pm showing of the new Star Wars movies. I was excited before I saw the overwhelmingly positive reviews that came out today. Yay! Then on Saturday, my friends Chris & Elissa are hosting their annual all-day Game of Thrones watching marathon. Festivities begin at 11:30. I look forward to it every year. Andy tags along too, even if he isn't a huge fan of the show. He does like the food, beer, and socializing aspect, however. Hard to argue with that. 

Lucy would of course prefer that we stay home and spend all day with her instead. 

13 December 2015

The Hills are Alive

... with the sound of music
With songs they have sung for a thousand years
The hills fill my heart with the sound of music
My heart wants to sing every song it hears

So in case you can't tell, mom and I continued our theater going outings today, with a trip to St. Paul to see The Sound of Music at the Ordway. It's one of those movies that I have seen probably a million times - it never got old as a kid, and it's still good today. How much of that is due to nostalgia is up for debate, but I am not the only who likes it, so... Anyway, we started out with brunch at the fabulous Meritage and then walked across Rice Park to see the show.

The quasi required photo of F. Scott. I wonder who gave him his scarves?

Mother and daughter at intermission.

The Grand Staircase

Rice Park after the show, all lit-up. It would be prettier with some snow.

We had a wonderful time, and I was able to resist the urge to sing along. It was interesting to see the changes made from the stage production to the movie - some of the songs are in different places, and a few were left out of the movie entirely.

Andy got to spend the day at home with the cats. I am sure they were on their best behavior.

09 December 2015

Baby Bump Wednesday - Week 27

Another week, another baby bump photo! We are fast approaching the 3rd trimester (!), which seems crazy to contemplate. Slightly less than 3 months and baby-to-be will be here!

Both of these shirts are actually pre-maternity items. This may be the last time I wear them for a while.

In other news, we've been preparing for the upcoming holidays at our house. Also, I got a new phone on Tuesday, yay! It takes excellent photos, particularly of our Christmas preparation:

Also, fairly decent photos of the cats in a rare friendly moment:

They sat that way for a much longer amount of time than I would have thought possible.

02 December 2015

Baby Bump Wednesday - Week 26

It seemed a shame to abandon this series at the end of BEDFAMM, so here now are today's photos of the baby bump. I'm wearing comfy clothes and I've been to the gym, so I'm looking a little less than my usual camera ready, but the bump is still pretty cute on its own:

Plus, it's kind of fun to see how much I've changed since the last time I wore that shirt. She's definitely growing in there. 

While he was at it, Andy took some photos of the cats. He "didn't want them to feel left out."

He's in his favorite spot.