30 December 2015

Baby Bump Wednesday - Week 30

30 weeks seems crazy. 75% done - only 10 weeks to go! That is... not really all that much time until we get to meet our little girl. She's been kicking and moving like crazy lately, although not yet to the point that it keeps me up at night. I understand that's coming. Andy is pretty excited for her to "come out and meet Dad." :-)

Here now are this week's photos:

In other news of the week, we had a lovely time celebrating Christmas with our families. Christmas Eve was spent with the Rinderknechts, then Christmas Day my parents came over for a late brunch before we all headed over to my cousin Sarah's house to celebrate with the extended Elvecrog family. Some photos:

The Rinderknecht tree.

Our tree. 

Lucy was fascinated. 
Our brunch guests. I was enjoying a "Momosa" - ginger ale and orange juice. Not bad, really. 
Tomorrow is New Year's Eve and I have to work. But we'll be heading over to Chez GZMoohoo for the festivities as per our former tradition. Who knows, someone may even blog about it.

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Santini said...

What a great post, baby bump plus Christmas news. A bonus for your faithful readers.

Happy New Year! ( I think I know who your designated driver will be this evening.)