06 December 2013

Feta Spinach Tarts

First things first - my Xanga blog is really, officially no more. I have transferred "the archives" over to WordPress and you can find it here:

A Traveler at Home on Wordpress

Re-reading some of those old posts has been entertaining, at least for me. For example: this is the first post that mentions EMSA, posted almost six years ago - it'll be six years for us on December 18th. Apparently I liked that he's tall. Still true. :-)

B) You may have heard that it snowed here in Minneapolis/St. Paul. You may have also heard that it's cold. Remember all that whining I did about cold back in the beginning of November? My complaints were premature.

Yep. Feels Like -17. Tomorrow: High temp of ZERO. Yikes. Winter is no longer coming, winter is HERE.

III) Because of all this cold, Andy and I are feeling a bit like hibernating, so we wanted to find something to make for dinner that required the oven. We turned to our new cookbook which we bought on a whim at Barnes & Noble in the bargain section. Today's adventure: Feta Spinach Tarts.

Cheese and Bread
Our appetizer course.

Tarts Baking
Tarts in the oven.

Tarts Cooling
Cooling down. Pretty nice looking, right? Getting them out of the tart pans on onto a plate was... less successful:

Tarts on a Plate
Exhibit A, on the left. Oh well, they were still delicious.

If we make them again, which we probably will, I'll make sure to put them on the food blog. Also, please note the exceptionally nice tart pans getting their first use. Thanks, Dad.

02 December 2013

Tour of the Pacific Northwest: Portland

Yes, I know it's December and blogging is no longer required. But what can I say - Jimi and my family have inspired me. Plus I realized that I never finished my travelogue of our Pacific Northwest trip. Huge oversight. The story continues...

As with the Vancouver-Seattle train ride, the Seattle-Portland trip took place in the evening. We pulled into Portland around 8pm or so and took the light rail and then the tram (yes, two kinds of rail based public transportation. Andy was in train-nerd heaven) to get to our riverfront hotel. In addition to lots (and lots) of public transportation that is super efficient, Portland also has a thriving biking culture (2nd only to Minneapolis, I hear) and lots of excellent beer. It's like it was tailor made for Andy and I. And now, some photo highlights. Warning - my Portland photos are somewhat uninspiring:

Our Amtrak train.

Beer at what ended up being our favorite beer place.

Warning: Don't ride your bicycle on the tram and/or light rail tracks.

The "Portlandia" building.

My best shot (of many) of the riverfront 4th of July fireworks.

We had a great time - I am so glad we finally got around to taking this trip. The cats missed us, of course, and thank you to our loyal cat watchers, who were a well oiled team - Mom, Brad, and Lois. We couldn't have left our dear cats in better hands.