08 July 2010

Twins vs. Bluejays

The game is currently going on in Toronto (or it might be over by now...), so I figured it was safe to include the below on my bike ride today:

Eventually the bike path is going to go under Target Field all the way to the river, but they haven't actually finished that part of it yet. For now it just curves up a hill and brings you to this parking lot. You can cut through downtown to the river but that seemed like not such a good idea at 6:30 on a weeknight. So back towards home I went. On my way back was Lake of the Isles, and it was too pretty not to take a photo:

When I was almost home, I was accosted by some tourists. "Hey, rider in the red jersey, hold on," they said (I was wearing my extremely obscure Vendee jersey today). Turns out they were from Chicago and they were looking for a decent bike shop. I apparently looked bikey enough that I seemed like a good person to ask. And they were right - I did know where the nearest decent bike shop was and was able to send them on their way before I continued on my route.

It was OOTNDITHOD, definitely. Also, while out and about a week or so ago, I passed the aftermath of that big storm we had a few weeks ago. I thought people might be interested to see what happened to that unfortunate white car:

I think it's fixable. Clearly the tree was a loss - maybe they'll replant something new? I wouldn't go with an Ash tree if I were them...

It's been a short week (yay!) and I'm pretty glad that tomorrow is Friday. I've got the Basilica Block Party to look forward to and some very, very important football on Sunday. Go Orange!