23 August 2009

60 Mile Weekend

We just had what I might call one of the nicest weekends in the history of weekends. A little cool for August, perhaps, but it was PERFECT bicycling weather. So off I went with EMSA.*

Day 1, Saturday, we went on a loop that took us along Minnehaha Creek - there was a small problem on the bike path:

See, we had a tornado go through Minneapolis last week (only 6-8 blocks from my building, actually - my boss saw it from the boardroom!) and I guess they haven't gotten to all of the fallen trees yet. Understandably, they started with the ones that were on cars and power lines, etc. All cyclists were making for the road.

After Minnehaha Falls (where we did not stop), we headed over to St. Paul for a bit and road south along the river. This is my bike as I wait for Andy to go down and then back up a REALLY big hill along Shepard Rd. It's not so good for my still slightly iffy knees to do that if I don't have to.

And so ended Day 1 of biking. We also went to a celebratory dinner for my friend Desi who just finished grad school. Yay, Desi! I'm way happy for you AND for the fact that we'll get to hang out more now. :-)

Day 2, Sunday, we were initially going to repeat yesterday's route due to some nasty wind. However, EMSA really wanted to show off his new bike so we went and visited some friends and family. First, everyone's favorite cows:

Then we stopped off at my parents' house for a bit for much needed water and bathroom break. And so EMSA could get my dad's opinion on his recently purchased Cervelo (he's got the 2008 version, I believe). Dad approves and offered some advice on when to change the tires, etc. I think a good time was had by all.

So, after 62 miles of biking in the last two days, I'm a little bit knackered and am now going to enjoy some much needed rest. I hope everyone out there in internet land had as lovely a weekend as I did!

*Note: EMSA = Emily's Main Squeeze Andy, coined by the PSter.

06 August 2009

On Vacation

Unlike the trip to Chicago, this is an actual vacation, not a forced furlough. Not that Chicago wasn't fun - it absolutely was - but there's something about the beach at my aunt's house in Michigan that screams VACATION like nothing else.

I'm probably going to be pretty incommunicado from here on out. My cell phone doesn't get any reception at all out here and I like that a lot. :-) If you absolutely need me for something, I'll check my email from time to time. I think some biking may break out this afternoon, yay! And, of course, there are lots of freshly picked blueberries. Yum!