23 December 2015

Baby Bump Wednesday - Week 29

This whole baby bump series has been pretty fun - it's giving us an excuse to actually take pictures of my growing bump, which I think I'll really appreciate in the future. Plus, it gives each week a sort of milestone moment. So, without further ado...

In other baby-related news, we've made a few more additions to the nursery. As reported by GZMoohoo, we have taken possession of the heirloom rocking chair and it has found its place:

We are going to be ordering new cushions in a dark lavender sort of color.
 Another new addition is this decorative item, ordered from a store on Etsy:

Not the best color, but it's lavender with pink heart and text. I'm really happy with how it turned out.
So things are coming along in the nursery pretty well, I think. And Lucy loves the new chair.


Mummy's mom said...

Yay, I was worried that in all the excitement of cranberry bread baking and chocolate-covered cherry deliveries you might forget about baby bump Wed. I love the series.

I think the new cushions will look nice. (One thing to consider, the back cushion may cover up the nice detailing on the top of the chair. Let's talk before I order them.)

Besides Lucy, I see some new kittens atop the bureau! The room is going to look great.

Santini said...

Yay for baby bump Wednesdays. I love how healthy and happy you look!