28 November 2009

Turkey Day Part 2 - Photos

Our Turkey Day experience has already been well documented elsewhere on the tubes, but I wanted to add my photos to the mix.

Our very lovely and very delicious turkey, waiting to be carved:

The full spread. It was WAY too much food for the number of people we had there, but we managed. I was sent home with my fair share of leftovers, which I've now had for almost every meal since then. Hmm.... stuffing. It's my favorite part:

The old family recipe cranberry sauce, from the antique mold:

The breadstuffs: our traditional and delicious cranberry bread and some store bought yet somehow homemade lefse.

After the meal we went for a walk around the neighborhood. There were some lovely houses but I only took three pictures. These two were my favorite. Apparently I have a thing for turrets? And porches? They're lovely though.

Tonight we are getting together with the extended Miller clan for some pizza and regular pie. Should be a good time. Just as long as I don't have to eat any more turkey...


gfr said...

Nice photos, thanks for sharing. That isn't really 3 bean salad on the table, is it?

Yay, lefse.

Two more days in November.

TJ said...

hi this is totlly jamine happy thansgiving ang sorry this is late go to tennis tousan for the rest of the story and i'm sorry if the spelling is bad on all 3 blogs,
from TJ

Barbara said...

No, that is not 3 bean salad. It is FIVE bean salad! I was surprised but it fit right in.
Thanks for the message, TJ, and who cares about spelling on a blog?! It is the thought that counts.

Emily said...

The bean salad did fit in quite well, particularly with the stuffing. And the lefse is always a good thing. :-)

TJ - Welcome to the blogging world! Have fun commenting.