16 December 2015

Baby Bump Wednesday - Week 28

Welcome to the 3rd trimester! It seems crazy that we're at this point already. I just got back from a wonderful dinner with my friends Jill and Maren who both recently gave birth to their own baby girls. It was great to catch up and to get some advice from them on what is coming my way. Baby Girl Rinderknecht will be here before we know it, I'm sure. Less than 3 months to go!

Here are this week's bump photos:

The sweater is another excellent purchase mom and I made on our shopping spree. We had so much fun.

This weekend promises to be super fun and exciting. On Friday, we're headed to a 7pm showing of the new Star Wars movies. I was excited before I saw the overwhelmingly positive reviews that came out today. Yay! Then on Saturday, my friends Chris & Elissa are hosting their annual all-day Game of Thrones watching marathon. Festivities begin at 11:30. I look forward to it every year. Andy tags along too, even if he isn't a huge fan of the show. He does like the food, beer, and socializing aspect, however. Hard to argue with that. 

Lucy would of course prefer that we stay home and spend all day with her instead. 


Mom said...

Week 28!! I love the photos and the shirt and that was a VERY fun shopping spree (we have had many).

I am pretty sure you and your daughter will have as much fun together as we have. Oh, and as grandma, I could tag along now and then!

Santini said...

I love the sweater -- just enough bling to be festive. Just so you know, it's going to get a whole lot tighter. You're carrying her well, so far, though.

TJ is trying to get me involved in this Game of Thrones mania. I'm resisting, so far. My brain is too cluttered as it is.

I'm still loving the updates! Thanks for continuing it.

I looked at an old blog post of yours, one of your favorites from 2013, I think. In it you named your first child Paris/Charlotte after a city, I think. Good blog names for your daughter?

Anonymous said...

Week 28, dang time flies. Happy your going to get to see Star Wars, sadly everyone at my house is to busy to go see it and I have something to do Friday so that's off the table. You'll have to tell me how it is, spoiler free of course. Tell everyone in the MN family I say hi too, and glad everything is going good with the pregnancy. Hope Star Wars is good :)