02 December 2015

Baby Bump Wednesday - Week 26

It seemed a shame to abandon this series at the end of BEDFAMM, so here now are today's photos of the baby bump. I'm wearing comfy clothes and I've been to the gym, so I'm looking a little less than my usual camera ready, but the bump is still pretty cute on its own:

Plus, it's kind of fun to see how much I've changed since the last time I wore that shirt. She's definitely growing in there. 

While he was at it, Andy took some photos of the cats. He "didn't want them to feel left out."

He's in his favorite spot.


Santini said...

Your baby bump is still in the cute stage, though. But definitely growing, which is as it should be. :-)

I'm happy to see another installment of the Wednesday series, too. Even Calvin.

Mom said...

Me, too!