25 February 2016

Baby Bump Thursday - Week 38

Once again, apologies for the one day delay in posting this week. I bet a few of you wondered if I'd had the baby, right? But no, my excuse is once again that Grandma B and I were having a movie night yesterday. We watched Spotlight last night in preparation for the Oscars on Sunday. It was good but not super impressive, despite all the Best Picture buzz. Mad Max is still my absolute favorite movie from last year.

Now, on to the photos for week 38!

The doctor estimated 7.5 pounds at this week's appointment. She's doing well and on track to be born more or less on time, as far as we can tell. 11 days to go!

I was going to post earlier in the day, but I got distracted by Lucy sitting on my lap and using my hand as a pillow. Getting up from the couch therefore became less of a priority:

She was just too cute to disturb.


Mom said...

Oh, goodie. I have been checking because I love Baby Bump Wed/Thurs. Sorry Emily's loyal readers that I am again the cause of the delay, but we have to see as many Oscar nominees as possible and it was not showing anywhere earlier in the day.

Last night Calvin sat on my lap for a while and purred. I totally understand why Lucy was too cute to disturb (and you were too comfortable or at least as comfortable as a pregnant woman in her 38th week can be!)

38 weeks! And you still look really cute (and happy). Life is good.

Santini said...

I did indeed think that you might be having your baby when Baby Bump Wednesday didn't happen this week. We're thinking of you!!!!!