17 February 2016

Baby Bump Wednesday - Week 37

First, I think I have to acknowledge a not-insignificant milestone. Today's post marks number 300 for this blog. 300! That deserves a little bit of fanfare, I think.

Ok, and now on to why we are all here - baby bump photos! We have officially passed under 20 days to go until BGR's estimated arrival date. March 7th is only 19 days away! I think I had the same conversation about that seemingly tiny number of days with at least 4 people today, including my doctor. The weekly doctor's visit went well - still all good and normal looking. She estimates that BGR currently weighs about 7 pounds, meaning she should end up being something like 8.5. Seems totally reasonable and excellent to me.

Now, today's photos. Thanks as always to my loyal photographer, Andy:

I love that green sweater - so warm and cozy. In other baby related news, Andy and I did some shopping this past week for essentials that we did not receive at our baby shower. Chief among those was this:

The car seat was a gift from Grandma LR, but the stroller frame is new. It's super handy - the car seat just clicks right in! Calvin also finds it fascinating, apparently. We've also been practicing our labor coping techniques - breathing, positions, massage etc. We had to distract the cats with catnip toys to get them to leave us alone:

The carrot is full of catnip. They love it.
That's all for this week. Here's to only a few more of these posts before BGR gets to meet the world!


Mom said...

Nineteen days!! And you look great. Unlike other pregnant women I have known, when I am with you I almost forget. I think it's the new, improved maternity clothes that are much more like real clothes than in the old days. You always look so cool and fit. And happy and not complaining!

I finally got it about the stroller: It is just a frame for the car seat. How clever.

Love you (and the photographer and BGR).

Santini said...

That last photo is cute, too. Calvin looks like he's been reading up on pregnant humans.

7 pounds and gaining.... that is very cool.