10 February 2016

Baby Bump Wednesday - Week 36

It seems more than a little surreal that I'll probably only have 2-4 more of these posts before our little girl gets to meet the rest of the world. When did time start moving so fast all of a sudden? On a related note, I had a doctor's appointment today, marking the beginning of my weekly visits. Everything checked out OK and as expected. She's even in the right position, head-down like she's supposed to be. This is all good news.

Andy and I are busy doing the final prep for her arrival - we've been practicing our labor coping strategies and we got the car seat installed in our car. Tonight we even packed our hospital bags. That was a very official feeling step! She has her own bag (the diaper bag, actually) with an adorable little outfit to wear when we take her home. Here's hoping it fits! We just have a few more things to buy for the house/nursery and we'll be as ready as we can be.

On that note, on to the photos! First, the bump!

And a status update on the current state of the nursery:

That picture frame needs to be hung above the dresser - we're going to add photos to it as she reaches milestones in her life. I'll add a photo from our maternity photo shoot for now. I just have to pick one - too hard!


It's pretty much ready for her, I think, at least once we get rid of all that cardboard. It's so exciting!

In other news that is perhaps slightly less exciting, this happened yesterday while I was watching TV:
Both cats, sitting on/adjacent to my legs. A minor miracle. Granted, that navy blue blanket is heated. Still. 


Mom said...

Oh, what a wonderful post. All three of your bags are packed (!), BGR is in the right position (yay), you look healthy and happy, and the baby's room is ready. It IS really exciting. I love how you and Andy are so well prepared and looking forward to meeting the new person you have created. Life is EXCELLENT!

Santini said...

Head down? Bags packed? Sounds like the end is in sight.