16 November 2015

Pregnancy Photo Shoot

As I mentioned in my 2nd NaBloPoMo post, we recently had a pregnancy/gender announcement photo shoot with our neighbor the photographer. The photos from that original post were just a preview of the entire shoot. We got the rest of them today. Here are some of my favorites.

(All photos taken by Gray Duck Studios):

There are so many others... Available for viewing upon request, plus I think Lisa will have a gallery up on her site sometime in the next day or two. They are so great!

And now, a photo not taken by Lisa:

They were making it difficult to read the paper.


Santini said...

Ahhhh -- those are so beautiful and touching. (Except maybe the cat photo. :-))

Gino said...

Very, very nice.

Fairly nice Lucy photo. You really need exposure compensation (DSLR2) for Calvin though.

You look really happy and excellent bicycle content.

NCW said...

Beautiful pictures!

Mom said...

Oh, they are SO beautiful!! You look gorgeous, Andy looks handsome and I love the way you are looking at each other or touching the baby bump together. Sweet. So sweet. That will be one lucky baby.