28 August 2010

The Great MN Get Together

You know it's the end of summer when the State Fair finally rolls around. Today is officially day 3 of 12 and then Labor Day and the start of the school year are upon us. I think that officially means that I only have a week or so of summer left! Maren and I marked the occasion by going to the Fair yesterday. She's not a native and this was only the 2nd time in her life that she'd been able to attend. I have a bunch of photos up on Flickr, but here are some highlights:

Maren and some lifestock in the Swine/Sheep barn.

Crop Art, always one of my personal favorites.

The state's second largest pumpkin in its' category. 

In the past month or more since my last post, I have, as promised, gone to the Basilica Block Party. Here's the lead singer of Weezer climbing up part of the stage:

I also watched the very, very important World Cup final game at a local bar. Even the beer glasses were appropriately themed:

The team I was rooting for didn't win, but it was super fun none the less. The crowd was split down the middle in their loyalties so anytime something - anything - happened, there'd be a chorus of both cheers and boos. Definitely the right environment to watch the game. :-)

Other than that, I have been enjoying summer to the fullest. Lots of biking and walks around the lake and eating on restaurant patios when at all possible. It'll still be quite nice for a while but I'm starting to feel that the end is near. 


Ed McMahon said...

Sorry, it is my fault really.

I am not an expert either but those horses in your flickr photos are almost certainly Belgians.

Percherons are redder.

Emily said...

@Ed McMahon

No worries, that's easy to fix. There were some Percherons across the aisle in their stalls.

Senior Cyclist said...

The crop art is my favorite, though the pumpkin is just freaky enough to be interesting.