09 March 2016

Baby Bump Wednesday - Week 40

It's official - BGR is now definitely late to the party. Her original estimated due date was Monday. Today, as you may have noticed, is Wednesday. If I had a dime for every person at work who has said some variation on "What are you still doing here?" at some point this week, I'd be rich! But we are endeavoring to be patient - you can't rush these things and she'll come when she's good and ready. Everything checked out A-OK at my doctor's appointment today and we won't start worrying until she's more than a week late.

Andy and I are trying not to go too crazy waiting, so we've decided to treat ourselves in some way for each day she's overdue. Today we went out to dinner at one of our favorite Vietnamese restaurants, for example, Tomorrow we'll think of something else. I'm also trying some of the old wives tale ideas for inducing labor. I bought an exercise ball and I've been sitting/bouncing on it when possible. It's kind of fun. I'm also eating quite a lot of delicious pineapple. They can't hurt and it's enjoyable for me, so...

While we wait, here are today's photos:

The cats are pretty content that it's still just the 4 of us.


BGR's Grandma B said...

You two are handling this very well and making smart decisions. Just what I expected of you. She will decide to come into the world soon!

Santini said...

I am far enough away from this to find some fond old memories in your experience. (Maybe not all that fond.) People asking, "are you still pregnant" while you're standing there right in front of them -- Ahhh. It's built into the phrase "estimated" due date. If every Mom was early, or even on time, they'd have to rework the formula for due date. Basic math. So think of it as balancing out the curve. Normal distribution and all that.

(I'm pretty sure none of that helped, but it's all the wisdom I can muster for you right now.)

When I was waiting to OSLO to arrive, my doctor kindly informed me that pregnancy was one condition for which there was a 100% cure rate. Babies have their own time table. She'll be here soon, and you're both healthy. That's plenty good enough for me. (Love you!)

Santini said...

BTW-- It looks to me likes she's dropped, and you are maybe breathing a little easier? A little less heartburn?