08 November 2016

Election Day 2016

I felt like maybe I should record this for posterity. The first order of business this morning was dropping Norah off at daycare - they open at 7, but are helpfully only a few blocks from my polling place (which also opens at 7). I was the 91st person to vote in my precinct today, after arriving 10 minutes after it opened and waiting in line for maybe 20 minutes:

I got an excellent spot. 
Very church basement-y
Here we go, all I can do now is wait for the votes to be counted.


Santini said...

There were two Mom's carrying babies in car seats when we went to vote this morning -- one entering the polling place and one leaving. Voting is not something to take for granted. Good for you for going the extra mile to exercise your right!

Mom said...

Yes, good for you. And thank you so much for having us over last night. Good to be around loved ones.
PS I like your selfie. You look beautiful.