14 November 2010

Lazy Sunday

While not as snowbound as yesterday, today was another great day to sit inside the house and think warm thoughts. Since getting up just before 8 to once again move my car (stupid Snow Emergency parking rules...), I have been fully enjoying a day of not much of anything. I suppose I did go to the gym, but that's really about it. Mostly, I've been re-reading Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows in anticipation of the new movie (almost the last one!) coming out on Friday. And now there's figure skating of some sort on TV, so I am not very motivated to leave the house. :-)

Since today has been fairly low key and not very bloggable, here are some photos of my cooking adventures yesterday. Once I perfect the recipe, I'll post it to the food blog, I promise:

 Putting the filling in the acorn squash.

Squash all filled and ready to go. I flipped them over before cooking. 

The finished product. So very, very yummy.

There were a few things to tweak, I think, but it turned out well. And it did help keep my apartment nice and toasty. Plus, I had this for dessert:


santini said...

The squash looks scrumptious.

Like, who took the picture?

Emily said...

The squash was scrumptious. As long as I can find squash, it will definitely be making frequent dinner appearances.

Andy was also stuck at my house for the day, so he was my guest photographer.