06 September 2009

The Great Minnesota Get-Together

It's almost Labor Day and that means that it's time for the MN State Fair. I've been going every year since I was old enough to be put in a stroller and wheeled around, so clearly I wasn't going to miss it this year. I made two trips - one during the week with Andy, my coworker Katie and her husband. Katie and Johan had NEVER been to the fair. She's from Wisconsin and he's Costa Rican so they were fair newbies. Andy and I were happy to show them around:

Princess Kay of the Milky Way, getting her head carved in butter. I think they get to keep the butter head at the end of the fair, but I'm not totally sure what I would do with that much butter. Hmm...

The state's largest pumpkin. I'm surprised it made it to the fair intact - it seems like gravity would have gotten the better of the handlers. I would have ended up with a giant smashed pumpkin, personally.

Deano, the state's largest boar. He weighs in at 1310 pounds. It's officially the first time I've ever seen the state's largest boar up and walking around. Usually they just sit there, looking huge.

My second trip to the fair was just yesterday. It had been a long time since my parents and I went to the fair, just the three of us. We enjoyed the usual sights and foods - the highlight was the shake from the Moo Booth at the Cattle Barn. Despite what anyone else may say (Andy, for example), the are way superior to the malts in the Dairy Building. Plus the line is way shorter.

My fair companions, version 2. This is us having a sit down in one of the beer halls with some delicious french fries. They were perfectly salty and ridiculously fresh.

Harold, the stuffed penguin we won on the Mighty Midway playing my all time favorite midway game. It's the horse racing one where you roll the golf balls up the ramp. I used to be a child phenom at that game. :-)

There are still two more days left to enjoy in the long weekend - I think some biking will take place, as it looks to be a series of the nicest days in the history of days. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

What a great post! It's an excellent tribute (complete with photos) to the Great Minnesota Get-together. We had so much fun yesterday. Thanks.

PS This is indeed a series of the nicest days in the history of days. Life is good. I am doing laundry and lawn work while your father is biking. We are both happy with our choices.

Gino said...

Excellent Fair photos. I had fun, I am pretty sure that both you and TOPWLH did too.

Anonymous said...

PS Harold is so cute.

Sylvia said...

A very nice write up of the fair. I'm not sure what penguins have to do with MN, though.