17 September 2009

New and Improved!

There have been all sorts of new developments since I last blogged. First, I went to Madison for the wedding of a very good friend, known to several readers as Anne of Money. It was really nice to see her and to finally meet her now husband. However, with the name change, we can no longer call her Anne of Money. It's the passing of an era. :-) But it seems like that whole marriage thing is going to work out for her, so I guess I shouldn't complain too much.

In other news, one of the local bike shop chains was having their annual Warehouse Clearance Sale. My dad and I went over there because it had recently become apparent that the bicycle I had been riding was a bit too big for me, as it had been purchased for Santini. Dad spoke to Erik himself before I got there to scout out the terrain. Here is what I ended up with:

The old bike is there in the background for some perspective. And here is another view:

While Dad was talking to the bike proprietor, it came to light that this is the bike he himself rides. So needless to say, this is a serious upgrade for me. Both new AND improved.

The other new development (although I wouldn't necessarily say it's an improvement), is that I have acquired a new beloved roommate. BR 2.0, one might say. Here's Maren, making her blog debut:

We had a fun time last night making dinner and playing Rock Band. It's going to be good. She even put up with my mild bike obsession for most of the evening. Yay!


Gino said...

The girl did not mention the bargaining points. This IS a 2008 bicycle. And this IS the end of season 2009. Erik was a motivated seller which meant the girl paid considerably less than MSRP. The internet scuttlebutt that I am familiar with is that dealer cost is approximately 60 percent of MSRP. She didn't have to haggle about price a single bit as the posted price on the bicycle at the warehouse was about 60 percent of MSRP. It appears that she paid approximately dealer cost.

She got a really, really nice bicycle and a really, really good deal.

Sylvia said...

Nice Bike.

The Roubaix is an excellent choice. Compact double, 10 speed, carbon fiber, lots of Zertz inserts (those things really work). I love the white saddle and the graphics -- that top tube is a work of art all by itself. Pretty, pretty bike. And blue! Nice choice. I am not familiar with the SRAM components, but on that level of bike, I'm sure that the shifting with be crisp and clean.

Ride lots!

Emily said...

From the test ride, I can tell that shifting with the SRAM components is going to take a little getting used to. I'll miss my thumb levers! But other than that, it seems to be a fantastic bike so far. And I haven't even taken it out for a real ride yet.

Plus, as you say, it is a very lovely shade of blue. :-)

Neander 'Tal said...

The thumb lever thing is overrated. You've been brain washed, and will adapt quickly. That whole opposable thumb thing is really just a myth perpetrated by people with thumbs. Elitist Kool Aid.

N'T said...

Or possibly perpetuated.