07 November 2009

Adventures in Raking

Today is one of the nicest days in the history of November days, I do believe. It's about 60 or so, sunny, with just a slight breeze. I knew that my parents had a bit of a leaf problem in their backyard:

And since the city is more than happy to vacuum up those leaves if you rake them to the curb, it seemed like a good idea to go over there today and help them out with that. So we got started a bit after lunch, making some piles.

Lots, and lots of piles. More than a dozen, probably twenty or so in the backyard alone. This is my Mom, looking accomplished.

At this point, we took a little sit down. I had some lunch, worked on the epic amounts of laundry I brought over today, and we all generally rested on our laurels for a bit, knowing that there was still much raking in our future. After many, many trips with the blue tarp from the back yard to the front, here is the result of all our efforts:

I call this one, "Rakers, Triumphant." Or something to that effect. It's so nice to have such tangible results of a job well done. And I only got attacked by the apple tree a couple of times during the back to front yard transfers.

I call this one "Leaf Mountain" - it makes the garage look small, even. Rakers for scale.

EMSA is out biking today, taking full advantage of this lovely weather. I plan to do the same tomorrow - I'm sure I'll take some photos. You know, probably.


Anonymous said...

This is a wonderful recounting of our raking process. I think it was about 63 degrees (and sunny, as everyone can see) when we finished.
Thanks for helping, darling dafter. We had fun.

gfr said...

We did some raking -- puny by comparison -- at the beach yesterday. Followed by the SLO's rolling around in the pile and burying each other, leaf fights, etc. You know, fun with leaves. Sadly, I did not have my camera with me, but it was a beautiful day by the big water. And a bonus -- OSLO cleaned my refrigerator. I declare the beach house to be closed.