19 November 2009

Day 7 - Whatever Tickles My Fancy

day 01 | a song
day 02 | a picture
day 03 | a book
day 04 | a site
day 05 | a youtube clip
day 06 | a quote
day 07 | whatever tickles your fancy

Here we are at Day 7 of this meme and I get to choose whatever tickles my fancy. To be honest, this is the only day that I didn't have a plan for, so this is a bit difficult for me. My apologies if this post seems slightly uninspired. Andy says I should just write "This is a blog post" and be done but that somehow seems unfair. And lame. So instead, back to the usual blog routine.

Today was the end of our charitable giving drive at work - as a company, we donate to the United Way and to one other local charity. It all culminated in a bake sale (yesterday and today) and, most importantly, a pot luck lunch. There were many, many crock pots in one of the upstairs kitchens. I made my grandma's apple crisp (always a hit - people remembered it from last year!) and enjoyed the various other things that people brought. With so few people left it my company, it was a small group but it was really nice to take a break from the usual lunch time routine and have a nice chat. It felt like Friday, which is going to make tomorrow a bit difficult, I'm sure. But I'll perservere somehow. EMSA does not have to work tomorrow (he has every other Friday off), so instead will be spending his morning riding the shiny new commuter rail out of (and back into) downtown Minneapolis. He really loves trains - it's kind of adorably dorky. I'll see if I can't get him to take some photos so I can blog about it tomorrow.