23 November 2009

Greatest Hits - Part 1

We're nearing the end of the month and, as per usual, I am swiftly running out of things to blog about. So today I am going to do the first in series of 2 or 3 posts. 2009's Greatest Hits, thus far:

The Minneapolis Boat show in January. These are the Windsor Crafts, hand built wooden boats built one at a time in Turkey. Also a subsidary of Genmar. Aren't they pretty?

The GAC girls at what has now become an annual tradition, the "Ugly Dress" Party. So yes, we're wearing those dresses on purpose and we know that they are awful. Mine won the prize for the worst one:

The Miami Boat Show in February. Back when business was still good and we had some hope that it wouldn't get worse. So much for that. But Miami in February is still quite lovely:

My Grandma Opal had a milestone birthday this year, her 85th. This is the cake. We had a lovely celebration with the whole family - all 4 generations of us. I'm so lucky to still have her and my grandpa around.

More to come to tomorrow, I promise. They may or may not be in chronological order, but this is pretty fun. :-)


gfr said...

Beautiful wooden boat.

Anonymous said...

I like the retrospective and look forward to more to come. These events seem like so long ago to me!