08 November 2009


Today was, as predicted, another fabulous November day. Aren't we supposed to have days like this in October? I think October got gipped, not that I'm complaining about another super nice day. A perfect day for biking, obviously, before it really does get way too cold to do any biking at all.

After putzing around a bit this morning, I headed home for the biking. Pumped the tires, got all dressed (I finally have the appropriate layers, at least for 60), filled the water bottles etc. and went on my way. At 2.2 miles out, I was waiting to cross a street. I saw my chance, clipped into my pedals and promptly fell violently over to the right - this was before I got out into the road, so no worries, I was in no danger of being hit by a car. I landed on my shoulder/elbow/knee and my front derailleur. After the initial shock, I tried to unclip my foot that was now under the bike. It doesn't work that well from that position, but I managed. I'm happy to say that, although I am somewhat bruised (my knee in particular is going to be vibrantly purple, green, and probably yellow tomorrow), I am not at all seriously injured. The bike was slightly damaged - the derailleur was twisted in such a way that made the chain prevent the pedals from moving. I think it's entirely fixable but, without pedal movement, I was stuck at the intersection of Lyndale and Minnehaha with no way home. My dad was out biking; my mom was visiting my grandparents; the BR was at work... that left Andy, who was out and about with his brother. So I called. 20 minutes later, both of them came to pick me up and ferry me home - thank you again to them, so much! My heroes for the day.

I got home, showered, took some Ibu and seem to be only slightly worse for the wear. Upon further inspection, the bike is going to be no problem to fix. And, after her stint at the grandparents', my mom came over to cheer me up. She took Maren (the BR) and I out to dinner at Salut Bar Americain, one of my favorite restaurants. Here are some lovely shots from dinner:

We had mussels for a starter, then I had this fantastic breaded chicken in butter with potatoes and it was all lovely. Cheered me right up out of my funk. Thanks, Mom. Tomorrow is another day and I'll only be slightly bruised for my efforts.


Anonymous said...

You are most welcome. I got to walk around Lake Harriet on a lovely day and go out to dinner with two fun, intelligent fun young women!
I hope your knee is ok tomorrow (aside from the bruising).
PS Mad Men was so amazing tonight.

MI Bike Geek, Familial said...

"promptly fell violently over to the right." ???????? That's not how it is supposed to work, and seems kind of inadequate as an explanation. Falling over on a bike is usually pretty painful, so I'm glad you're okay. And for future reference, if you're going to fall over, fall over to the left -- less damage to the drive train. This is not some goofy bike geek thinking, it is practical advice. Your bike is more likely to be rideable with the drive train intact.

We all have these stories to tell, of course. If you ride long enough, you'll fall down. Bicycles are inherently unstable unless they are moving -- that whole two wheel thing.

Back up plans are good, I'm glad yours worked so well.

Injuring a knee -- not so good. I do feel really bad for you. (And your bike.)

Stacy said...

Good to hear you're alright, and that you had a good end to an unfortunate mishap!!