02 November 2009

Monday Morning

Ah, Mondays. It's my favorite day of the work week, believe it or not. Mostly because (as most of you know) I don't have to be at my desk until 10, so I get to have a leisurely start to the week. It lessens the shock of the transition from weekend to work. Thank goodness for the Australians. I couldn't do it with out them as an excuse.

On this particular Monday, however, I chose to get up just before seven to take a walk around the local lake with my roomie. We both needed some exercise - I did, anyway, due to eating WAY too much food at a football party yesterday. And let me tell you - the lake is really pretty that early in the morning:

The sunrise from the front steps of my building. Gorgeous and peaceful.

Some ducks out on the lake, doing their early morning thing.

Looking back at the bandshell from the far side of the lake. We were almost finished with our walk at this point.

The highlight of our walk, I think: If you squint, you can see the bald eagle that lives/stops near Lake Harriet this time of year. Apparently this is not his usual tree. It was amazing.

It was a gorgeous morning for a walk. We encountered many retired-type persons out for what I am sure is their usual morning routine. They were very friendly and greeted us cheerfully every time. Although one guy did insist that we bring donuts "next time." Until it gets way too cold (probably next week, sigh), I may have to continue these Monday morning walks. It made the getting-ready-for-work process way less stressful. Plus it made me feel slightly less guilty about the leftover Halloween candy I ate today. Slightly.

Edited to add a P.S. - Photos were taken with the camera on my shiny new cell phone. I think they turned out quite well, considering. Oh, and the old phone? I wore it out from texting too much. Oops.


Sylvia said...

That's a nice set of photos. Sunrise, blue sky and bald eagles. That's a nice way to start the day. We bought less Halloween candy this year and managed to give away most of it.

Anonymous said...

Wow, those photos are ALMOST enough to get me up early some morning.
This was a great post.