01 November 2009


Well friends and family it's officially November today and you all know what that means (at least for me): a month of posting to my blog every. single. day. This year, I am going to allow for a slight variation - I am also going to count posts to the family food blog as a blog post for that day. That way, if I post a recipe, I don't have to blog twice in one day. That really would be too much work, even for this project. So welcome to Day 1.

As I am sure my loyal readers can tell, it's been quite some time since I last blogged. So what have I been up to since then? A brief summary:
  • I've been doing quite a bit of biking on the new bike, at least until it was simply too cold/wet to do so. Welcome to October, I guess.
  • I attended possibly the greatest sporting event of my life so far (well, that I've actually attended) - the tie-breaker to decide the division title between the MN Twins and the Detroit Tigers. Seriously, it was an unbelievable game. Words can't do it justice, but this video gives you a general idea of how exciting it was. AWESOME.
  • It snowed, and this was on October TENTH. Boo.

  • I went to a MN Wild game (yay, hockey!) with free tickets from work. Those are some seriously good seats. Here's the view:

  • And I've been making A LOT of cranberry bread with the 2 lb bag of berries I got at the farmers market. Here's my latest effort:

    Yes, it really does look that good in person. Yum!
So that's all, really. Expect much more of interest (and some not) as the month goes on. Happy blogging, all!


Sylvia said...

Oh, no! Not NaBloPoMo! Isn't this like, year three?

Nice update, too.

Lovely cranberry bread. Truly.

The Great Flatlands Rider said...

Good call on the double posting issue.

BTW, with the 'posting option' choice on Blogger, it is possible to choose the date and time of your post. Including backdating a post. Since I didn't read your blog until Monday, November 2, I backdated a post to Sunday, November 1. This admission may disqualify me, but it was still November 1 somewhere -- maybe, barely.

Emily said...

GFR - I think we can excuse the back dating. After all, I didn't post my announcement about NaBloPoMo until pretty late in the day. No worries.

And yes, I think it's year three... I may not make it this year, but I'm going to try.

Anonymous said...

That bread looks so delicious. I may have to make a loaf before Thanksgiving.
Does it count to COMMENT on someone's blog every day? I suppose not. Last year I started strong and then went to every other and then to every third . . .