04 November 2009

Rock Band!

My former beloved roommate (known elsewhere as PP) is taking some sort of belly dancing class through Minneapolis community education. This means that, for the duration of the class, she is over in my neck of the woods on Wednesday nights. Clearly, this calls for a weekly "Rock Band" playing date. I mean, who wouldn't?

One of our post-song score screens. We're pretty awesome at this.

Kelsey, doing her singing thing. Not a great picture of her - sorry Kels! I blame the cell phone.

It was fun - last week, Maren played too and we almost had a complete band. Good times. I should have another Rock Band party. Who's in?


santini said...

97 and 86? That's and A and a B+. Fun times.

(I think the photo of Kelsey is cute.)

Gino said...

Guitar Center has a sale. You could get a inexpensive but solid Fender and a small Marshall amp for . . .

I even know someone who has already done all the research, this would be a painless move from video game to an actual instrument. You already know how to read music, you already play an instrument, if you are willing to rehearse a couple of hours a week (in place of video game) within a couple of

Oh, never mind.

Emily said...

Santini - You should have seen our score on "Eye of the Tiger." That one we can play on the Expert level. :-)

Dad - Yes, I know, but I actually prefer the Rock Band drums. I was just playing guitar last night because it's easier for Kelsey and I to switch off that way. I'm really the only one that likes the drums.

But you didn't really need a response to that, did you?