25 November 2009

Thanksgiving Eve

Happy Day Before Turkey Day, all! Although, to be honest, it did seem more like Christmas at my place of work this week:

Pretty, right? They've actually gone with a slightly more minimalist approach this year, relatively speaking. While the tree is HUGE, it's also all alone - there's nothing hanging from the ceiling or anything. I like it.

After being allowed to go home early by my boss (yay!), I headed over to my parents' place to help with the T-Day preparations. But first, my dad made a fabulous crock-pot meal - Beef Pot Roast. Yum!

Then my mom and I got down to business working on the cranberry bread. The results of our efforts:

Yum! I think they'll be perfect. I'll let you know tomorrow - I'm sure we'll be having a slice or two for breakfast. :-)


Mom said...

Where's the beef? (In the crock pot)

The pot roast was delicious (although not really pictured) and so was the cranberry bread. Thanks for helping make it.

gfr said...

I noticed that same holiday confusion going on around here.

Have a good Thanksgiving -- enjoy the bread!