27 December 2009

Christmas Weekend

I hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend. As you may have heard, we got quite a bit of snow in the Twin Cities area. We still managed to do our traditional Christmas activities with only a little bit of traffic/driving related stress. Here are some photos from Christmas morning:

We had my grandparents and the various members of the rude family over for brunch (well lunch - start time got pushed back an hour due to snowy driving conditions). I made quiche and a good time was had by all. Thank you to everyone who came, and for all the lovely gifts! It was really way more than expected.

Andy came over later in the evening after his family day and we went back to my house and exchanged our gifts - nothing big or exciting as our main gift to each other (both for Christmas and our 2 year anniversary!!) is the trip to Vegas we'll be leaving for on Tuesday. Vegas! We'll be staying at Ceasar's Palace as well as with his parents at their condo. No specifics planned yet but I am super excited! I've never been to Vegas - anyone have any tips?

Anyway, on Saturday I had to move my car to prevent Snow Emergency related ticketing/towing. However, I had parked it in some slush/snow mixture on Friday night which had frozen overnight. Andy and I managed to break my shovel and STILL not get it successfully unstuck. Fortunately, 4 different men who happened to be running around the lake stopped to help Andy push. Good thing too - I think we'd still be out there! Other than that, it was a nice, relaxing weekend spent driving as little as possible. The roads are still really gross but that will only be my problem for one more day. Vegas, here I come!

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