09 February 2010

For Dad - Other New Things

First, the new office:

Obviously I am missing my fantastic view from before but I least I have a decent amount of space. Plus we got shiny new phones. I still haven't figured out how all of it works but that will come with time.

Second, the fruit has found a home there. And a more spacious one at that:

Those blue things on the left belong to me. Oh, and the yellow head lamp. :-)

T-minus 13 hours until my plane departs for Miami! Woo! I better pack...


Retired Professor said...

The Mother Ship is in your office!

Emily said...

Indeed - and did you notice that there are actually 3 of them? It's an invasion!

Kenda Kennard said...

The blue rockets look like the FW rocket launchers from a few years ago... Those are a riot in a cubicle/office setting-Great for a sneak attack!

Emily said...

Kenda - Those are the FW rocket launchers from a few years ago. I've been saving them for a sneak attack, just as you suggest. They are super fun!

Gino said...

Excellent fruit, nice carrot, good garlic. My! What a banana! I love the Three Musketeers and the Space Needle too. Excellent use of props, I approve.