18 February 2010

The Greatest Commercial of All Time

Yes, even better than "Wing Man" or "Glen!"

Seriously, I need a t-shirt that says "I'm on a Horse." Hee!

P.S. - Andy and I have decided to try and work things out. I am cautiously optimistic. 2+ years together is too significant to just throw it all away that quickly. He agrees and we're going to try again.


Mom said...

LOL. For a while. That is pretty funny (and surprising).

Emily said...

I mean, seriously - "It's an oyster with tickets to that thing you love." Haha! :-)

santini said...

I had to google 'glen commercial' -- your links both go to the wing man beer commercial. Still, worth the trip. If you find one of those "I'm on a horse" t-shirts, buy two. Quirky.

Emily said...

Santini - the links are now fixed, thanks! And seriously, I laugh every. single. time. I see this commercial on TV. Awesome.

Emily said...

Too much use of the word seriously, oops.

The Great Flatlands Rider said...

The Bearded Devil
Is Forced to Dwell
In the Only Place
Where They Don't Sell
Burma Shave

Five consecutive signs between Coleraine and Grand Rapids. My favorite commercial of all time.