07 February 2010

News to Report

Since I've already blasted it all over Facebook, I feel like I should probably share this here. Although I don't want to make this blog my personal sob story/pity party, so I'll try not to dwell: Andy broke up with me yesterday, entirely out of the blue, after we'd been together for more than 2 years. Yesterday was really, really hard and not so fun but I did learn that I have some seriously fantastic friends. Thanks to Jill, Maren, and Desi for rushing to my side for a girls night cheering up session and to all of you that responded on facebook/via text message. It helps a lot.

Today is only marginally better. I'm hoping that the distraction of work tomorrow will help. Mostly I'm just trying not to cry too much, because I don't want to be that pathetic and I should be able to go out into the world like a normal person. So, chin up and move on with my day. Somehow. Or something.

In other news, I still have a job, yay! The sale of my company has been finalized and I am one of the lucky few they chose to keep on - there are 16 of us left, including all 6 members of my department. Did I mention yay?!? We've moved to new offices (don't worry, Dad, the fruit came with me) and are slowly adjusting to a new reality. Fortunately, one of the things we kept from the old reality is the Miami Boat Show. I will be leaving on Wednesday morning (really, really early) for Miami and will enjoy 5 days in the warmer climes of southern Florida. I am SO looking forward to it. Our hotel this year is within walking distance of the convention center so, instead of spending $20+ on cabs everyday, I get to walk over there in the sunshine. It's going to be awesome. And a much needed distraction from real life.

I have also been having some adventures in cooking lately, which I may share on the food blog at some point in the future. Aside from the potato/sausage roast that I already posted there, I've discovered the Pioneer Woman's Crispy Yogurt Chicken. It's seriously good although I can never get mine to get all brown like it's supposed to. Any tips from the more experienced cooks amongst you? And I will at some point in the near future, probably post-Miami, finally get around to sharing my applesauce recipe. It's really not that hard but I feel it needs to be documented in photos for blogging purposes. I feel as though my family would approve. :-)

So that's about it, really. I'm off to a family Super Bowl "party" (I use that term loosely) this afternoon with my mom and grandparents. I think I'm rooting for not-the-Saints, but mostly I just want to watch the commercials. Then, the Olympics start next Friday. Yay! I love the pageantry and inspirational music and great feats of athleticism. Plus, this is the closest it has been to being in my actual time zone in a very long time. Things will actually be on LIVE, not plausibly live tape-delay. I feel as though I'll be watching way more curling than is ever available on regular tv.

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Santini said...

I look forward to the recipes. I like Pioneer Woman's recipes -- I asked for, and received, her cookbook for Christmas.

Good news on the job front, I think. I hope you enjoy Miami. I sent you an email on the other stuff.

Love 'ya.