08 April 2010

A cold spring day

As many of my fellow office workers (and former office workers) can attest, one of the worst things about working in an office is being able to look outside and see the sunshine and beautiful blue sky and NOT being able to go outside and enjoy it. All. Day. Long. So even though I had planned to go to the gym this afternoon immediately post-work, I was too enticed by all that sunshine and blue sky. Instead, I decided to go home and take a walk around my lake.

Doesn't this walking path just look super tempting?

It may have looked like spring but there was a bit of a cold north wind blowing. I endeavored to persevere. Other signs of it being not-quite-yet spring? They have not yet brought the fishing docks back to shore:

However, the native warm weather water fowl were out in force. Some geese:

And to go with them, a pair of ducks:

When I got to the far north side of the lake, just a bit shy of the bandshell, it turned out to be the time of glistening waters:

Of course I had to stop and take a photo of that. :-) It was a lovely walk - it takes just shy of an hour to go all the way around and it was super refreshing after a long day of being stuck in an office. I would have gone biking but unlike some other members of my family, I don't really have the proper gear for sub-50 degrees.

And now back to watching our MN Twins try to win the series against the Angels. Only a few more days until opening day at Target Field, yay!


Dune Dweller said...

Lovely photos with lots promise of warmer days to come. The link for glistening waters took me to snowy tableclothes, unexpectedly.

Emily said...

It was supposed to take you to the snowy tablecloths - she is the originator of the term "glistening waters," I believe.

See you soon!

Daughter of Norway said...

Ah, Lake Harriet. I will have to visit for a walk or run in the near future.

Nice geese and ducks, but no coots? No blue herons? I guess they're not out as often or in as many numbers.