25 April 2010

My Neighborhood is Quirky

I've noticed on my daily drive to and from work that I drive past a LOT of churches, even for Minnesota. It strikes me that the French would find this very odd - why isn't there just one big church in the middle of town like where they live? In any case, of the 5 churches I pass twice daily, the Lake Harriet Spiritual Community is by far the most non-traditional of the lot. The second most non-traditional is the Quaker Minnesota Friends house, but I digress. Last week, this was the notice board at LHSC:

Their sign is always fairly off the wall, but I think this one takes the cake. My grandmother would be appalled if she'd seen it. So, everyone - thoughts? It seems an appropriate discussion for a Sunday. Well, sort of. I hope everyone had a nice weekend! It rained too much for my liking, but other than that I really can't complain.


gfr said...

Well, Yoga can be spiritual, I suppose. They sound like a group of 'birthers' to me.

Daughter of Norway said...

I remember passing that church with Shigeki in the car, and just as I was saying it "seemed like some sort of new-agey church," sure enough there were some hippie-looking people outside, complete with a bare-bellied pregnant woman.

That sign is a hoot!