18 April 2010

Target Field!

Today was the first weekend for the Twins to play in their brand new Target Field. Andy and I went on Saturday and it was glorious:

The statue of Kirby Puckett greets fans as the walk to the field through Target Plaza.

Gate 34, numbered for Puckett, is just past the statue honoring him. Check out the crowd, more than a full hour before game time.

Andy and I out in left field. It was a beautiful, sunny day - a perfect, wonderful day for outdoor baseball.

Andy standing in front of our seats - Section 230, row 1. Thanks to Andy's dad for the free tickets!

The view from said seats. The game-winning home run bounced off the front of the balcony directly in front of us. If it had been a few feet higher it would have smacked us right in the face. You can see us (sort of) in the video here: Twins Highlights - Hudson's Solo Blast. When they follow the ball when it's first hit, we're standing up just above the E in Management on the video board. Then he runs the bases and they zoom in on the second deck. We're standing up and clapping just above the "M" in Home Run. Andy's got a bright red polo shirt on and I'm wearing a white Twins jersey. We were on TV! My 5 seconds of fame. Or something.

Today was another glorious day. I was supposed to go for a bike ride after a lovely brunch with Jill, Maren, and friends but I got an emergency phone call from Andy. He had fallen down at the end of his bike ride and mumbled something about teeth and emergency dental care. I immediately rushed off to go pick him up, calling both of my cousins-who-are-dentists as I went. They both got back to me and were very helpful - thanks John & Mark! Anyway, I found Andy at his house and his teeth looked ok - slightly chipped but nothing serious. However, he had a huge gash on his chin as well. After spending 2 hours at the ER, Andy discovered that his jaw is NOT broken (a pretty pressing concern) and that the gash needed 10 stiches! 10!. But they gave him some Vicodin and he should make a full recovery. Rubber side down please, everyone. But we still managed to have a nice afternoon after all that - ice cream helps a lot of things. :-)


Mom said...

I'm glad Andy is all right and that your beloved cousins John and Mark came through (no surprise). I watched the video and saw you two-- how exciting to be that close to a home run ball! And, I agree. This weekend was glorious.

Dune Dweller said...

Outdoor baseball is a completely bloggable activity. It looks like it was the kind of day that does not normally occur in April.