21 May 2010

Arrivée à Paris

After an entirely uneventful trip from Minneapolis to Paris (including about 2 hours waiting at the MSP airport), I have safely arrived in Paris! My dad was nice enough to meet me at the Paris metro stop and walked me over to our lovely Parisian apartment.In order to fend off the jet-lag, we've been trying to keep busy today. First, a walk over to the Arc de Triomphe and the tomb of the unknown soldier:

We wandered down the Champs-Elysee a bit before deciding that it was time for some lunch and a little sit down. Jet lag is really a drag - literally! So we've mostly been chilling out and relaxing all afternoon. But no napping - that's definitely the cardinal rule of overcoming jet lag. We then took a field trip over to our local Monoprix (think Super Target), and then to our local bakery for some bread. Results below:

That's an extremely Parisian looking baguette. Bottle of wine and cutely wrapped pastry for scale. :-) Only a few more hours until dinner and then maybe I can finally go to sleep! More later, when I have seen more than just our street and apartment.


The Great Flatlands Rider said...

Glad your travels went smoothly. Nice photo, too. I've seen the floor plan of that place often enough that I can picture it pretty well.

That's a BIG bottle of vin blanc.

Daughter of Norway said...

The apartment looks so nice! Enjoy the food, and my favorite, cafe au lait...