30 May 2010

Last Day in Paris

Here I am at the end of my Parisian vacation. It's flown by - I can't believe I've already been here 10 days. But alas, I have to get up at an ungodly early hour tomorrow and start making my way to the Aeroport Charles de Gaulle.

For my last day, we started out at le Jardin des Plantes, which is Paris' botanical garden. It was founded in the mid-1600s as the royal medicinal herb garden and has grown from there. It now includes a zoo, various educational buildings, and all sorts of themed sections. We began in the Rose Garden:

There are LOTS more flower photos on my Flickr page, way, way too many to post here. From the Rose Garden, we wandered the grounds a bit and then explored the Iris Garden:

It was SO lovely and it smelled amazing. It would have been even better if the sun had been out, but at least it wasn't raining. After a final lunch of a baguette sandwich and some cheese, etc, we headed over to the Rodin Museum. Because I'd been there before, I decided to just get the 1 euro ticket to the gardens. Here are some highlights:

Again, LOTS more photos on Flickr. I went a little camera happy today. On my way back to the apartment (I have to organize all my stuff and pack, ugh...), I snapped a picture of our local church:

It has been an extremely lovely trip and I need to thank all of my traveling companions for helping make it that way. I'll miss Paris but I'm sure I'll be back - after this many visits, there are still many things I have yet to do.

Au revoir Paris, et a bientot!

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Mom said...

I love this post. Thanks erstwhile traveling companion, beloved dafter, and transportation manager (or were you promoted?).