23 May 2010

Lazy Parisian Sunday

Today definitely has to be classified as OOTNDITHD (tm Gino). We woke up to sunny blue skies and a predicted high of about 80. So far, Paris has not disappointed on that front. After another breakfast of pastries, coffee, and yogurt, we endeavored to find out what it is that you can do on Sunday when all the stores are closed. And most everything else - today is a religious holiday in France. Turns out that answer is quite a bit.
This is about two blocks from our lovely apartment. It's the path that runs between the Musee du Louvre and Tuileries gardens. You can also see the Musee d'Orsay off to the right. We meandered along the Seine and came upon the Tour St. Jacques:
It's the only remaining remnant of a church that was torn down during the French Revolution. Pretty cool, I thought. According to my dad, it's been covered in scaffolding every other time we've been here. Then it was over to Notre Dame for a look see. 
 One of the towers from the back, and then this is the view from the front:
After lunch at a fabulous greek place in the Latin Quarter, we hung around in the square for a bit. The line was too long but we did get a chance to hear the ringing of the bells. I took a video, even.

Not that exciting to look at, I know, but they sure SOUND cool. And now we're chilling out, watching the French Open, and having a little sit down. I think another trip outside may be in our future.

P.S. - As always, there are lots more photos on flickr. See the link on the right of this blog. Enjoy!


The Great Flatlands Rider said...

Gargoyles! Beautiful facade on that church.

Anonymous said...

Ah, you didn't do Brussels as I suggested. You were wise to skip it I think. It's probably a holiday in that part of France, too.

I had no idea about the church tower. Very neat. Also, you're escaping the 90 degree hat and 70 degree dew point here in St. Paul.