24 May 2010

Paris: A Photo Essay

In lieu of much actual blogging content, I am going to present my Paris experience of today in photo essay form, with short comments. To whit:

The University of Paris, aka La Sorbonne.

Then, a bit of walking, followed by:
The Musee Cluny aka the Middle Ages museum. These are the heads of statues from Notre Dame. They were decapitated during the French Revolution.

Then we took the metro back to our lovely apartment, which has a very, very small elevator: 

After some lunch and a bit of a sit-down, we headed over to La Defense to see the Grand Arche:
They aren't kidding around when they say "Grande."

Finally, we metro'd back to the Champs-Elysee to see it turned into a farm:

There were way, way too many people and it was a LONG walk home, but still pretty cool.

Tomorrow: Roland Garros and the French Open!

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Retired Professor said...

Just a couple of observations. Too many people. The elevator photos are bizarre.

Nice post.