25 May 2010

Roland Garros, Day 1

On the agenda today: a trip to Roland Garros for the Internationaux de France 2010, also known as the French Open. It has been chronicled quite well elsewhere, so I will just add a few of my own photos to the already excellent recaps:

 The flags flying over Center Court.

Our second match of the day, a USA vs. USA grudge match.

The far outer courts, where people no one has ever heard of were making their best effort to advance to the 2nd round.

As always, there are lots more photos on Flickr. Now, it's time for bed. More tomorrow!


The Great Flatlands Rider said...

You're at the French Open, and you're only 26 (ish). What will you be doing when you're 60 (ish)?

Daughter of Norway said...

Dare I guess...clubbing? Sky diving? I know that's when I'm waiting to do the crazy stuff!

Looks like the trip is going swimmingly. Or tennisingly I guess. What do they have for concessions at the Open? Le baguette?

Emily said...

The concessions do indeed include several different sandwiches on baguettes. But also hot dogs and pizza, in their own French style.

I think clubbing and sky diving when I'm 60 would be fun. :-)