22 May 2010

Visiteur de Bordeaux

We woke up to another unbelievably gorgeous day in the City of Lights. After rising EARLY (seriously, my body thought it was time to wake up at 6:00. While on vacation. Not cool.) and lounging around in bed for quite some time, I came downstairs to a lovely breakfast of pastries and tea. Around 10, I headed over to la Gare Montparnasse to meet my good friend Katherine. She lives in Bordeaux now and was coming up to visit for the day. Yay, Katherine!

After wandering over to the Latin Quarter for a yummy lunch of couscous, veggies, and merquez sausage at a local North African joint, we headed to the Pantheon for a visit. I took lots of photos, but the view from the top is probably my favorite:
Katherine would also like to point out that if you get married in the 5th arrondisement in Paris, this is the building you get married in (as seen from the top of the Pantheon):
It's the Mairie (mayor's office) for this district of Paris and is just across the street from the front entrance of the Pantheon. Pretty cool, eh? But the highlight of the day came just towards the end. We were taking the Metro back to my home in Paris, got off at the Palais-Royale Musee du Louvre stop, crossed the street and stumbled upon this:

It was what appeared to be a student group in the square, playing a very famous classical piece (can anyone name it for me? It's super familiar!) without the aid of any music. It was quite impressive. Katherine had to go back home again just before dinner. After yet another trip to Monoprix, we went out to dinner at a classic Parisian bistro. It was delicious.

Tomorrow is a religious holiday in France, so not much will be open, which sounds about perfect.

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Retired Professor said...

I'm just guessing -- 1812 Overture?

Glad you're having fun.