26 June 2010

A break in the storms

Maren and I had big plans for yesterday. We were going to have a group over and have a picnic/potluck in the park next door. Sadly, it was not to be. The worst storm of the summer came through at about 6, exactly when people would be making their way over to our house. But Desi and Andy had already made it over, so they helped us make a dent in the large batch of chicken we'd prepared. We played some Yahtzee and watched the hail come down. When it finally did clear up briefly, Desi made a break for it (although I'm not sure how she got home - even 35W was flooded) and the rest of us walked over to Sebastian Joe's where there was NO line.

Despite the not so auspicious start to the weekend, today dawned sunny and coolish. I decided biking was in order. By the time I got out there, it had become humid and warm, but I endeavored to persevere. I was confronted by some evidence of last night's storm before I even got out of my neighborhood:

I think the car is fixable, but they were extremely lucky. I chatted a bit with the guy who had started to clean it up and he said he usually parks his car across the street and had moved it about 30 minutes before the tree fell. He dodged a bullet there.

I took my usual route with a short detour here:

The river looked pretty high - all that rain  had to go somewhere. Mostly, I just wanted to climb back up the hill from the Lock & Dam. It's killer, so I took another break very shortly thereafter:

More evidence that all that rain has to go somewhere - the falls were absolutely roaring. It quickly became too hot to stand in one place for too long (evaporative cooling only works when you're moving), so I headed for home. Plus, there is very important soccer on TV.

Oh, I almost forgot! Last weekend, a professional bike race came to town. Maren and I met Andy at the Minneapolis/Uptown leg of the race. Those riders are FAST:

I mean, it is just my crappy cell phone camera, but I don't think my regular camera would have gotten a much better shot of these ladies. It was amazing! Here are the men, stretching and preparing before their leg of the race got started:

Lance's team was here, but obviously none of the truly famous riders were participating. Still, all of them were way, way faster than me. Or Andy. Or anyone I know in real life. It was fun to see.


Mom said...

Wow, what a fascinating blog entry. That car was really lucky. And, having been to a criterion race, that picture well represents how FAST they are going.
Too bad about your picnic, but maybe July and August will not be so rainy. I am just glad no one got hurt!
BTW, the lock and dam picture is scary.

santini said...

I'm sorry about your potluck, and your lousy weather. As usual, nice photographic punctuation to your post.