09 October 2010

Did someone say something about orange trees?

I saw two of them on my bike ride with Andy today, on OOTNDITHOD:

This guy was over by Cedar Lake, not far from the Kennilworth bike path.

 Towards the end of our ride, Andy and I looped through the Kenwood neighborhood and I spotted another lovely orange tree. Nice.

So what else has been going on since the Great MN Get Together? Well, I went one more time with Andy and extremely similar photos were taken. I'm going to upload all my photos to Flickr in the coming days, so look for them there. Also, my parents, Andy and I got to use Andy's dad's "beautiful people" seats for a late-season Twins game:

GZMoohoo, GRider, and I, enjoying the seats. 

A couple of weekends ago, on a cool but sunny day, Andy and I went over to Como Park to visit the animals. It was too nice a morning to stay inside, after all. Turns out that there is a recently born baby giraffe:
Cute! His name is Howie. :-)

Two weeks ago, I went to my final wedding of the summer (of 3). This one took place in Vegas, baby, Vegas! I got to see yet another college roommate marry the love of her life. It was a lovely ceremony, outdoors at the waterfall at the Mandalay Bay. It was a nice trip and it was great to see Jenny so happy. They make a wonderful couple.

Jenny and Jason - Congrats you two!

The GAC girls at the reception. This is the second time this summer we've all been in the same place. Prior to that, it had been 5 years! Note: 50% of us are now married.

Other items of note... During our walk to the Farmer's Market last weekend, we strolled along the route of the Twin Cities marathon for a bit. Here are the leaders of the men's group - this is mile 7 and the marathon had started approximately 35-40 minutes before. FAST:

Finally, Andy and I went to the first game in the ALDS playoffs. Twins vs. Yankees. It was a fantastic game but ultimately dissappointing. Why is it that we can't manage to beat the Yankees?

View of the scoreboard from the "Beautiful People" seats.

The weather this weekend is truly FANTASTIC for October. I think a walk is called for. Oh, also: 25 miles today. Probably another 20 or so to come tomorrow, since it's going to be 80 again! Woo!

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Retired Professor said...

Nice to see some more orange. (?)

25 miles Saturday and another 20 on Sunday. Hard core.